Friendly F.Y.I.

black-forever21-classic-knit-cami-screen    cami 4

This classic knit cami from Forever 21 is a must have for all seasons. It can be worn/shown under a blazer, cardigan, vest or maybe as an under garment during the cooler months. These camisoles fit close to your body for a comfortable secure feeling, and they don’t roll up easily. The price is what makes it even better ($1.90). They come in 43 colors for regular size and 7 colors for plus size. I have about 8 different colors and will be going back for the rest. You can find them at your closest Forever 21 or order them Here (plus size Here) online.


This item is a daily use for me. I know some people rather use just a soap bar with a regular wash cloth, but I prefer to buy these because the cloth material feels better on my skin than a regular face towel. I use the one for sensitive skin, but they also are available for normal/dry and combination/oily. My face feels so clean and refreshed after use. It can be found at your local retailers/drug store.



Luv luv luv this product! I keep this jar in my purse (seriously). I can’t go a day without it because I have extremely dry skin and this really helps me get through the day without looking like “crusty” the clown LOL It’s not too heavy and it’s not too thin. It’s just right. It can even be used under your makeup. It’s also not just for women. Men can you use it also. A woman likes a man with nice skin too. Sometimes I dab a little on my son’s face when I see a dry patch, but don’t tell him I told you..ssshhh! LOL Thank GOD my mom got me hooked on to this since I was a kid and I’ve been using it ever since. Find it at your local drug store (Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, etc.).


This is a good stain for your lips if you want to keep some kind of color to your lips. Me personally, I don’t like my natural lip color so I prefer a little tint and this will do. It also keeps your lips moisturized like a lip balm. I have it in this color (pink) and red. You can dab a small amount for a little hue or be generous and smear a lot for a more intense look. You can find it at your local drug store (Walgreens, CVS, etc.).



This works better on my legs than lotion. I tend to dry out very quickly so this is a must for me especially during the winter months. I usually dab a small amount of water on my hands first so it won’t be so greasy and thick.