Accessorize, Lady Like

Leggings and accessories

Ok I have heard that some people may have an issue with leggings and saying they are not pants or should not be worn as pants. Well I beg to differ.

It just depends on how thick and they are and how your wear them. I prefer the thicker type of leggings that can be worn (as pants) with a long shirt or tunic.

As long as my bee-hind is covered then I’m good.


For some of those who don’t know what a tunic is….they are the shirts that are too short to be a dress but long enough to cover your bee-hind in some leggings but would look awkward paired with a skirt (or even regular jeans).

I would prefer leggings and tunics everyday because it’s such a comfortable yet fashionable outfit, but it would get a bit mundane after about day four LOL

Back to the leggings issue. Well there are leggings that are really thin (which should be labeled as tights if you ask me) that can possibly be worn under a skirt a dress. I say if they are thin enough to see your underwear then don’t wear them as pants not even under a tunic.

Well thisĀ is one of my fav outfits because I felt comfy and stylish all at the same time. I accessorized it with a hat (because it was a windy day) and a bulky statement piece necklace. I really think the necklace is what topped the outfit off and gave it a little pizzazz.






Even though I prefer my heels, my flat boots go better with the outfit.

Start adding accessories to your outfits even if it’s somethings simple. Trust me, it will give life to your attire.

Hat: H&M

Necklace: H&M

Velvet Leggings: Jessica Simpson brand from Marshalls

Sweater: Forever 21

Boots: T. J. Maxx