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Things I love about Fall

Even though I despise cold weather, Fall is a great season for fabulous outfits, because you can mix and match spring and summer items with winter items. It’s more of a in between the seasons outfit type of time. Not too hot and not too cold or maybe just a little bit of both depending on where you reside.

Well… *singing* “these are a few of my favorite thing” *in my Sound of Music voice* LOL:


Now I’m not really one of those earth friendly type of people or save the animal protesters….I just prefer faux leather better than the real thing. It’s much lighter in weight and plus it’s less expensive.


This is a cute faux leather fringe jacket that’s on sale right now at Macy’s which I’m actually thinking about purchasing myself. I’m getting into fringe this season. They also have a skirt to match, but I’m not really into the matchy matchy thing, so I prefer to wear one or the other.

Here’s the skirt

fringe skirt

Since we’re on the subject of skirts, I especially love the variety of faux leather skirts that are out this season.

Pleated Skirt

pleated skirt

I love Pencil Skirts. They work for any shape.

faux pencil

Then you can maybe even change up the style with these faux leather gauchos from Forever 21


Faux leather LEGGINGS are also a must, but I prefer them with tunics or just longs sweaters because they can become too clingy on the derriere (for my taste).


My next favorite

#2 SCARVES (Thee best accessory)

I absolutely love scarves! It can spice up and dress up any outfit (as you can see).


I have SO many. I put the lightweight ones on the belt hangers you find at Target such as this ONE.

This is what they look like.



That’s just the half of them.  My heavy duty knit scarves I put in plastic bins.


This was just a plain t-shirt and black skirt until I added the details of this cute leopard scarf.


This time of year you can go with a light weight infinity scarf or a knit scarf, just depending on the weather. With fall temperatures, you never know what you may need.


Some may be big enough to wrap around the body

(Scarf below at Kohl’s)

big scarf

OR…sometimes I may even do a head wrap for a bad hair day. Either way they are a necessity accessory. Well to me anyway.




It’s not short sleeves. It’s not long sleeves, but it’s juuuust right! You won’t be too hot and you won’t be too cold.

Shirts cute with jeans and heels. (Forever 21 jeans Here)


Cardigans with dresses


Jackets with jeans


Here is a cute sweater from The Limited


Cute 3/4 length sleeve wrap dress from H&M. I purchased it and added crop leggings to for underneath because is a bit thin.

wrap dress   IMG_9243 (2)


They could be peep toe or close toe; worn with skirts and bare legs or pants. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is it’s the right season for them. They can lap over into winter, BUT I suggest you wear socks for warmth and put the peep toes away if it’s moisture on the ground LOL


I actually own these cute pair (below) by Nine West. They can be purchased on Amazon HERE. The come in a variety of colors.


Cute blue pair (my favorite color) by Thalia Sodi at Macy’s

blue bootie

Cute patent leather from Aldo.


A little more edgy rougher look with a heel from Aldo.


and…..last but not least….


I love hats all year round, especially my straw fedoras in the summer but it’s just something about the warmer hats that are way better. Plus some of them you need to keep your ears warm.

I call this one my Charlie Chaplin hat LOL Well that’s what other people called it, so I just went with it. *shrugs*



My favorite red beanie courtesy of my mom’s closet LOL


A beret is cute around this time of year. (From Urban Outfitters)


Cute jeweled beanie from Target. I may have to get this one myself because it’s so sparkly.


Even though I’m speaking on Fall weather I thought I would throw in my favorite winter hat. I can’t wait to wear it!


Well….on second thought……I can wait.

Let’s just enjoy the fall while it lasts.