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Cool Days

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Yesterday started off a bit chilly. So I checked the weather before leaving the house to make sure I wouldn’t burn up in this (lightweight) sweater that I got from H&M awhile back. I also wanted to be comfortable so I grabbed one of my favs…a pair of leggings by HUE.  I would love to wear leggings, a tunic, or long shirt (to cover my bee-hind of course LOL) every day if I could, but that would become quite boring and redundant wouldn’t ya think?

Of course, I had to jazz it up with accessories and heels (by Steve Madden) to top off the outfit. So I was comfortable, warm (because I’m usually always cold), and stylish all at the same time.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Continue being beautifully blessed and Highly Favored….I know I will. *giggles*




Outfit Details: Items were purchased awhile back

Long lightweight Sweater: H&M, Similar ones Here and Here

Leggings: HUE, Similar ones Here and Here

Shoes: Steve Madden Similar